Thursday, October 22, 2009

And so it begins!

Finally decided I needed to get a Blog up. It'll force me to post my art as often as possible.

So heres a quick bit about me, my name is Stephen Scott. I am a Senior at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I have a one man startup game company called Algitt Studios LLC. I am currently looking forward to graduating and getting a position as (hopefully!) a Level/Mission/Game Designer at a real Game Studio in Washington (preferably in Kings County). I've been trying to talk to Venture Capital/ Angel investors about getting funding for my company, but it just doesn't seem likely right now (curse you Economy!!).

Here's a little update about what you'll be seeing in the coming weeks/months, I've got a lot of projects going all at one time (as usual) lets see how long I can balance them all *laugh*, while finishing up my final year at DigiPen!

Contract Work
- War of Words (2D Puzzle Game)

I'm currently doing all of the art on this XBL Word Zapper title. Cool little puzzle game, its a medieval / Fantasy world. You can check out Tim's blog for Screenshots, and to follow the ongoing development: .

My Studio: Algitt Studios
- Warlord Kingdoms (3D RTS)

I'm mostly still doing Pre-Pro for Warlord Kingdoms, and expanding my programming knowledge. The Game is at an early prototype stage. I'll be working on a Models for it as time goes on, and I'll post some shots of them (this is a Fantasy RTS for the PC). This game is currently running on Torque Game Engine Advanced, it may move onto Torque 3D, we'll see what happens.

Personal Projects
- Unearthly Challenge: CheckMate (3D Game Environment)

I entered the Unearthly Challenge 2009, I REALLY want to win a license of Torque 3D (its about the only way I'm going to be able to afford getting my hands on it). I'll talk more about Unearthly when I make my first post on here with some of the artwork I've been working with.

- Mon Battle (2D Flash Short)
Test Animation for me, where I'm going to explore doing a battle scene in Flash, with alot of finish. I want to be a more complete Flash Artist, to go along with my 3d Skills, so I thought this was a good starting point.

School Projects
- Wind (3D Animated Short)

Wind is a 3D Sci-Fi/Noir Short that my PRJ400 team is doing at DigiPen. We have done alot of work already on Wind, I'll compile alot of that and get that up here. I'm Art Director, i'm in charge of Storyboards, Character Models (Modeling, Skinning, Unwrapping, and Texturing them), Custom rigs, and Post-Production.

- Portfolio Prep (3D Game Art)

I've got some small projects that I want to do and get into my portfolio, I don't have alot of Unreal levels that have any sort of "Finish" on them, so I'm gonna try to crank two of those out. I also have some animations that I've been doing with the Cryptic Rig, that I want to have included as well.


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This is the home to Stephen Scott's ramblings. Stephen is a Indie Game Designer, 2D/3D Artist and Student at DigiPen Institute of Technology. He is currently looking for full-time employment (graduates May 2010) in a WA Game Company


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