Saturday, January 30, 2010

Woops, Big news forgot to post!

Hey anyone who's following me, or just catching in. Forgot to post that I am now working at Exato Game Studio. It's part-time while I finish up my Senior year, but its awesome!! I'll be doing a mishmash of 3D and 2D Art, and I really like working there.

As far as my projects go, Unearthly challenge hasn't been judged yet, so I don't know how that turned out, lol.

Wind is going great, here are some beauty shots!! I'm doing Unwraps right now, and textures will done in 2 weeks (maybe even earlier... If I'm lucky!)


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This is the home to Stephen Scott's ramblings. Stephen is a Indie Game Designer, 2D/3D Artist and Student at DigiPen Institute of Technology. He is currently looking for full-time employment (graduates May 2010) in a WA Game Company


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